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Head of Developer Experience and Education, Remote
Apr 05, 2022

Remote Connect: Source Code

I curated and MCed the Source Code track for Remote Connect, a conference around the future of work!

Amazing speakers included:
  • Jerome Hardaway
  • Ben Hong
  • Moriel Schottlender
  • Kelly Hoey
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Head of Developer Experience and Education, Remote
Apr 25, 2022

Devs For Ukraine

I helped organize Devs For Ukraine alongside Sara Vieira and Tobi Pfeiffer, a developer conference to benefit Ukraine!

Our event was featured in InfoWorld, and had thousands of attendees, and we raised over $100k (crushing our $15k goal)!

The talks are available here.
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Head of Developer Experience and Education, Remote
Technical Lead, Space 48
Started 14 days ago
I’m so excited to announce BigCom DevX. A virtual event for #BigCommerce developers to share & learn from each other. Coming to you June 17th 📆

Brought to you by Space 48 but powered by the community 🤗

Let’s get together 🙌

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Founder, MetaMeet
Started 4 months ago
Do you want to help build a startup city?

I’m organising a little expedition of entrepreneurs from around the world to help build Prospera, one such startup city.

Prospera is located on Roatan / Honduras, a Caribbean paradise island.

Their goal is to become the Hong Kong for Latin America, and the easiest place to do business in the world!

We want to help them make that happen!

Sign up here:
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Developer Advocate, Adyen
Jun 24, 2021
Organizing SimpleWebConf, a conference dedicated to the light, fast web. 

First time organizing a conference from scratch, and we're amazed at how good our line up is for a first edition. So grateful!
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