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First meeting the team in person!
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Co-Founder, Audition Cat
Oct 13, 2021
The Product and Engineering leads at Dashlane gathered at our Paris France office for an offsite that was our first large group in-person meeting since January of 2020. 

I organized every aspect of the event from flights / hotels for international travelers to venue bookings, to agenda development and high level note taking / organization. The first day was an event of 12 company leaders and the second was a smaller section of 7 to continue the conversation forward.

Pictured here I'm apparently the official Dashlane spokesperson enjoying a drink on a rooftop bar to celebrate an extremely successful two day event.
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Executive Assistant, Dashlane
Business Owner, Advisor & Mentor, Manufaktur für Persönlichkeit und Kompetenz
Nov 08, 2019
VisionDays in the bavarian mountains.

With 3 manager of a company (food, textile), we worked together in a natural and inspirational area of mountains. 
Our topics were:
  • vision
  • purpose
  • personal reflection of competencies
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Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Ithaca Children's Garden
Oct 07, 2020
Our small city saw a rise in activism and protests in summer of 2020, and I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in many of the rallies executed by different organizations. That same summer, a new organization was formed, called The Ithaca Pantheras {or TiP}. Initial media reports showcased white activists as the "leaders" of this organization, and I criticized them highly. 

In October 2020, our local DSA chapter in collaboration with TiP, organized a counter protest to Back the Blue organizers descending on our city. The counter protest was so well organized, the kindness of each participant, the way TiP did not falter from their duty to protect each of us over themselves, was stunning and profound to me. 

Shortly thereafter I found myself a part of the organization, which I still currently participate in. I assist with digital communications, community organizing, I act as part of the media team, and so some Wordpress website maintenance as needed. TiP has organized and held several rallies since, is integral to our community's mutual aid and safety work, hosted Ithaca's first Pride event in June of 2021, and are working on a Black August action. 

{Image Description: A standing crowd, only their backs are seen, hold protest signs up high. In the crowd, one sign can be read, it reads: "Invest in Black and brown communities". In front of the crowd there is a tall cream colored building, and on the roof on the building four uniformed police officers watch the crowd below.}
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