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Dec 09, 2021
I've just completed Day 9 'Smoke Basin' #AdventOfCode. This reminds me of the early days when I first picked up coding 🔥
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Dec 06, 2021
Advent of Code days 4, 5, and 6: for each one I feel like I did super well in the first half and then stumbled on myself in the second. Hope I get more consistent over time.

Turns out squids are amazing at bingo, and hashmaps are always the secret to optimization!
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Dec 03, 2021
Choked horribly on Advent of Code day 3 but still had a lot of fun!

Somehow my clipboard broke for part 1 and I had to wait 60 extra seconds, and then my brain broke for part 2 and I took a super long time. Definitely my worst score so far.

Genius me also decided using Haskell's List utilities was too easy so I overengineered the shit out of my solution.

In other news... NEW UNDERSCORES ALBUM CAME OUT! Which means a slight bit more staying up :)
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Dec 02, 2021
I'm having a lot of fun learning Haskell for Advent of Code 2021! Maybe I shouldn't be trusted around computers with code this bad, but at least I'm having fun :)

Feel free to join my leaderboard at 643998-6ed04a0c.

My day 1 solution:

import Data.List (tails);

windows n xs = take (length xs - n + 1) $ map (take n) (tails xs)

main = interact $ \input ->
  show $ length $ filter (\[a, b] -> b > a) $ windows 2 $ map sum $ windows 3 $ map read $ lines input

My day 2 solution:

parseCommand line = let [com, val] = words line in (com, read val :: Int)

processCommand (depth, horiz, aim) (com, val) = case com of
  "down" -> (depth, horiz, aim + val)
  "up" -> (depth, horiz, aim - val)
  "forward" -> (depth + (aim * val), horiz + val, aim)

main = interact $ \input ->
  let (depth, horiz, _) = foldl processCommand (0, 0, 0) $ map parseCommand $ lines input in show $ depth * horiz
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Dec 01, 2020
I tried out Advent of Code this year! I got as far as Day 16, which was a new record for em. I took the opportunity to try out TypeScript for the first time and I really liked it!
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Dec 01, 2020
Advent of Code 2021

I took part in Advent of Code, a series of coding challenges throughout December. However, I very quickly got sidetracked. Instead of completing the entire month, I spent most of the time learning about unit tests (pytest), type hints in python (mypy), writing documentation (with sphinx), linting (flake8) and using github's CI. 

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