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Data Operations Intern, Heuritech
Feb 07, 2022
I've just finished participating in the hackthon FTxChallenge that was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Financial Times and Bocconi.
The challenge topic of the year was about "The future of the hybrid world".
Me and my team have ideated and developed a solution to onboard remote company's newcomers in the metaverse to give a human touch and transmit the company culture even if people are working remotely.
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Started 4 months ago
Hacking away for the Livspace tech week
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sai nivas mangu



Dec 01, 2021
I made a GitHub Actions workflow for my nordic-wallpapers repository and published an article about the workflow as a submission to the GitHub Actions Hackathon 2021. Here is the article :)
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Volunteer mod,
Dec 07, 2021
For the Hackathon by DEV and GitHub about Actions, I participated with a new project named No Toxic Discussions available at thomasbnt/NoToxicDiscussions.

My post is also published on DEV.

This Actions uses the Perspective API. He detects the percentage of toxicity of the content by the author on Discussions.

After two days on rush for this idea and this project, I realized on the GitHub documentation that I can't edit/remove a comment on discussions with GH Actions.

I published the project anyway so that later, if GitHub adds this functionality, the tool can be integrated to other repositories. Don't hesitate to read the DEV post for know more.
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Assistant Editor, KDnuggets
Started 6 months ago
I am currently working on various projects:

  • 🚴‍♀️ Reducing the number of high fatality accidents
  • 🙌 Participating in Kaggle Days x Z World Championship!
  • 👩‍💻 OmdenaLore x Giga challenge
  • 🧠 Brainstorming on AI Mental Health Product.
  • ✍ Writing blog on Learn Machine Learning 4X Faster
  • 🧩 Designing website using Docusaurus and Hugo
  • 🎏 Writing blog on Streamlit Deployment
  • 📃 ML Research Paper on ventilator-pressure-prediction.
  • 💪 Participating in Kaggle Competitions.
  • 🔬 Experimenting with HF Space/ Application deployment
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Senior Lecturer, Czechitas
Jul 17, 2021
Had opportunity to participe on Flutter hackday as a mentor 👨‍💻

Organized by Česko.Digital and Loono
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