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Senior Product Manager, Gatsby
Apr 13, 2015

gamified agile effort estimation (the new redesign) is born!

Press article here.

users: remote agile teams

problem: remote effort estimation sessions are bulky and time-consuming

goal: enable faster team effort pointing, leading to more available development time

agile team outcomes: 

  • add or import user stories for estimation “game”

  • invite team members to a game

  • estimate effort for stories using different and custom point scales

  • add, edit, remove, drag and drop user stories

  • track and measure velocity

  • manage average velocity vs. manual input

  • export results (.csv)

lessons learned: 

  • don’t build every single thing your customers request from support

  • a little swag goes a long way at trade shows
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Senior Experience Design Consultant, Exo Digital
Nov 26, 2021
Was part of a team of 3 for a 1-day hackathon at ANZ themed around self-service.
  • Designed basic user flows for an MVP
  • Produced hi-fi mockups and a clickable prototype for desktop and mobile versions
  • Developed basic roadmap 
  • Presented half of the pitch
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Frontend Developer, Freelance and contract-to-hire
Started 7 months ago
submitted a PR for an update to an NPM package in Github
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Software Engineer, Agency Coda
Aug 01, 2020

Participated in Smart India Hackathon

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Head of Data, ThoughtWorks
Aug 12, 2021
Day 2 of a client hackathon. We're building a data product using Data Mesh principles. Rather than thinking about data as a left-to-right, source-to-consumer model, we design data products outside-in, by starting with the output ports, which are closest to the user. Then we discuss input ports, which allows us to explore what data we have. Only when we know whether we can meet user needs with the data we have, do we worry about the processing and architecture.

This approach lets us split up and parallelize work, using test- and behavior-driven design. And that's how we build a full end-to-end data product in two days.
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