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Software Developer, Checkmarx
Jan 23, 2022
When I write a blog post, I write it in the following platforms:

First, in my personal blog:

If it is written in English, I'm adding it also to

And to Medium:
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Fullstack Engineer, ASGO
Jul 05, 2021

Migrate static website to GitLab Pages.

Recent events made me to want to use another service as GitHub, but less "evil".

I had GitLab since some years ago and then I started to use GitLab Pages, a similar service but IMO better than GitHub's option.

I wrote a pipeline in less than 3 hours (yeah, I'm a beginner) but I think is nice.
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Fullstack Engineer, ASGO
Jun 26, 2021
Add webmentions to my personal blog.
Made with and

I hope they look fine. 
I use JavaScript fetch function for the API consumption, and some fontawesome icons for the style.
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Fullstack Engineer, ASGO
Jun 21, 2021
Design and write in my personal blog
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Junior Wordpress Developer, Swivt Technologies
May 11, 2021
Built a new Personal Blogs for writing thoughts, ideas and the ways to implement it. This blog is on based of my point of view on anything.

The technologies used are Stackbit, Gatsby, Netlify, Node.js, Cloudflare.

The code of this blog is Open Source on github, Feel free to modify or Contribute.

You can checkout my blog here: My Blog
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Solutions Architect,
Started 12 months ago