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Backend Developer, iPhone Photography School
Mar 03, 2022
Posted a photograph to my new instagram account taken by the iphone

I am working on my iPhone photography skills and just sharing the journey on instagram
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Podcaster, Groktopus
Aug 05, 2021
While wandering with my camera, I quite by accident came upon an opportunity to photograph the inside of the steam plant at the old Dorothea Dix campus (now a park). The person who let me in told me it was scheduled for imminent demolition, so I feel quite fortunate to have had the chance to photograph it before it was gone forever.
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Senior Software Engineer, Twilio
Jun 22, 2021

Flagstaff night sky

Canon Rebel T3i // 24mm // 30 sec exposure
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Geschäftsführer, Data Specialist & Marketing Specialist, Wobus & Wächter GbR
Sep 24, 2021
Organised a new exhibition with friends this week. This exhibition will be my last event in this form. 
Here are a few pictures, analogue prints, analogue coloured. 
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Freelance illustrator, Ed Clews
Aug 10, 2021
Updated my portfolio with recent images from the most recent days of racing at York Racecourse.

See lots more here at
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Freelance Photographer, Ed Clews