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Leader, Content Creation & Management
Mar 30, 2022
I was doing a post on my Twitter page, and it came to my mind that I could make a post here too.

Just now I have posted a new photograph on Instagram! You can view it here.

I have also posted a photograph the other day too, which you can view here.

As it is getting warmer again, I am considering doing a lot more photographs, since Photography has been my passion ever since I done lessons of it in my school. I am looking toward taking more pictures.

I am still an amateur, but I hope to get better!
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Nurse, HealthCare
Started about 2 months ago
Have you listen to my podcast recently? Season 1 is coming to an end. Season 2 coming soon…
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Backend Developer, iPhone Photography School
Mar 03, 2022
Posted a photograph to my new instagram account taken by the iphone

I am working on my iPhone photography skills and just sharing the journey on instagram
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