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Head of Product, TAIKAI
Mar 29, 2022
Bepro has the best community in the world (and beyond). And everyone knows that the best community needs the best material to continue creating awesome content aligned with our brand, right?

The new Bepro Network Community & Press Kit is now available! These resources will help develop content aligned with our brand identity, so it’s easily recognizable throughout the web.

It's super important for us to have the community involved. Stay tuned!
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Head of Product, Bepro Network
Director, Python Software Foundation
Jul 27, 2021
I published "Best practices for dependency management", a high-level overview of general principles for avoiding common pitfalls with dependencies.
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Developer Advocate, Google
Associate Partner - SPD, Hello Iconic
Mar 15, 2021
  • Provide Samsung Design Principles and Technical Guidelines for a European High Definition Music Streaming app

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