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Software Engineer II, Microsoft
Oct 19, 2019
Presented at the Cybersecurity Gamchangers: Youth Cybersecurity Awareness Symposium

Talk Title: "Securing the Bag"
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I was interviewed live in ¨El Cierre¨ TV Show. In the 20 minutes interview, we talked about my own career design story, diversity and inclusion, remote work, and entrepreneurship.
Links: Interview clip - Full episode 
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Software Engineer II, Microsoft
Feb 18, 2022
Spoke at ETHDenver 2022
Title: 5 Lessons Learned Contributing to an Open Source Ethereum Project
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Software Engineer II, Microsoft
Dec 02, 2021
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Founder + CEO, GnestTech
Started 6 months ago
Live Workshop
Hosting my first live stream on Dec 18!!!

About the event:
You will learn how to build web applications that perform Create, Read, Update, Delete operations using PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS.

Saturday 18/12 @ 6pm WAT

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