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Aerospace and Defense and FPGA Solutions Manager, Siemens
Started 9 days ago
Today I ordered the physical proof of my book Python for RTL Verification. Now to make sure the ebook is in good shape.
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Dec 14, 2020
Wrote and released «Сам себе государство» (‘You’re the State’) book @ print & digital

Info (rus)
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Company Owner @ Viratec Interactive, Self-employed
May 03, 2022
Cover reveal! I'm thrilled to announce the latest book, "Building Serverless Python Apps using FastAPI and AWS" is in its final stages and due to be released June 1st! It's been quite the journey!!! Thanks to all that made this possible.
Pre-order is open for ebooks and the paperback version will be available June 1st!
Kindle: Google Play Books:
#bookrelease #coverreveal #serverless #python #aws #fastapi #fargate #preordernow #amazonkindle #googleplaybooks
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Head of People & Culture, AtomicJar
Apr 08, 2022
Hey Hey, Super excited to announce that I have released the e-book version of my first poetry collection.  
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Photographer, Self-employed
Mar 01, 2015
The French Kiss Series book

On every street corner a love story is unfolding. Traffic idles by and the world continues to spin as romance is played out on the biggest stage of all. For the lovers this is their scene and improvisation comes naturally. You spot them, two becoming one as the rain beats down, and know that the act has more to follow."

Abelardo Ojeda’s street photography is given a whole new dimension as the black and white shots intensify the feelings on display.
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Mar 13, 2022
I am happy that my book is on the bestseller list in India for the third time this year.

Here is the link:

Reclaim Your Inner Entrepreneur is a journey into entrepreneurship with seasoned entrepreneurs, researchers of entrepreneurship and famous icons in entrepreneurship. It is a conversational, informal discourse that feels like a discussion with a close friend or a mentor. It aims to clear the mist spread over the domain of entrepreneurship, and to establish truths that are counterintuitive. Welcome to the exciting yet unpredictable world of entrepreneurship. 
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