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Senior architect, fourTheorem
May 13, 2022
Middy, the Node.js middleware engine for AWS Lambda has finally released V3:

Some of the news for this big release:

  • New WebSocket middlewares
  • HTTP & WebSocket Routers!
  • Better error handling
  • Timeout error handling
  • Errors now use { cause } for better context

A new website is also coming soon! 🤞
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Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Google
Apr 14, 2022
Just released v2.9.0 of the Python client for Google Cloud BigTable 

It now supports App Profile Multi-Cluster Routing by passing in multi_cluster_ids to the constructor.

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Product Marketing Engineer, Curity
Apr 13, 2022
Just released version 2.0.0 of a little helper library for Express. express-oauth-jwt adds a middleware for securing endpoints with JWTs. Now the library uses the newest version of the jose library.
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Product Marketing Engineer, Curity
Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Google
Mar 07, 2022
Just landed my first "feature" for the Google BigTable Python Client Library!

google-cloud-bigtable v 2.7.0: added support for autoscaling

on PyPI:

BigTable Autoscaling Docs:

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GIS Developer, Tel Aviv Municipality
Oct 19, 2021
Thanks to new users that tried my plugin qlyrx for QGIS, found and fixed two bugs in one day.

Which meant I got to publish a new version (the second one in two weeks) of the plugin.

This was actually all thanks to the users seeing the post about the previous release, trying it out and feeling confident enough to write issues on GitHub.
I think this is a simple and relatively easy way users can contribute to open source, just testing it and pointing out where we fail and where we can fix it.
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GIS Developer, Tel Aviv Municipality
Oct 10, 2021
Had a bug that made QLYRX for QGIS unusable since June(!!!).

Finally got around to fixing it and hopefully that would free time to work on new features and not just fix bugs.
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