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Product and Marketing Lead, StormPay
May 04, 2022
Hi, Fintech Fans 👋

We are back with another edition of Fintech Wrap Up. We believe socialising is one of the critical elements of human culture. Most of us socialise on different messengers to socialise with our friends and family. Now can send crypto on your Telegram Messenger which is another level of integration of crypto into our lifestyles.

The Open Network (TON), a decentralized blockchain initially designed by Telegram Messenger, announced this week it is adding a bot that lets Telegram’s more than 550 million users send cryptocurrency to other users via chat.

Read what else we covered in this edition of Fintech Wrap Up:

1️⃣ How to build integrations
2️⃣ Dragonfly Capital has raised $650 million for its third venture fund
3️⃣ Telegram users can now send crypto via the messenger
4️⃣ ‘Super App’ for Crypto?
5️⃣ Comparing crypto cards: Key trends
6️⃣ What is the regulatory timeline for Open Finance?
7️⃣ Metaverse-as-a-Service
8️⃣ What happened in fintech in Q1 2022
9️⃣ Otherside NFT minting frenzy resulted in the Ethereum network destroying more ETH than it issued

#cryptocurrency #fintech #blockchain #finance #openfinance 
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One Woman Show, Two Toads Creative & Comms
Started 23 days ago

Writing and Illustrating Toad Talk on Substack

In April 2022, I started writing and and illustrating my own newsletter, Toad Talk, on Substack. I wanted to find a way to share my art and writing that was conducive to longer-form content, and Toad Talk has been the perfect vehicle. I'd love to keep writing and/or cartooning as part of whatever my next role may be!
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Product and Marketing Lead, StormPay
Apr 27, 2022
Hello, Fintech Fans! We are back with another edition of Fintech Wrap Up. Are you already part of our growing community? If not subscribe now to get weekly fintech, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and neobanks insights into your inbox and social feed. 

In this edition:
  1. Mastercard  in metaverse
  2. Coinbase NFT platform is finally live
  3. What are the benefits of open finance?
  4. Bitcoin firm Crusoe Energy raises $505 million to crow flare-gas mining business
  5.  Investing in hyper-personalised lifestyle offerings
  6.  The crypto user journey
  7.  Despite growing crypto-corn numbers, sector not immune to macro trends
  8.  Coinbase stock fell to an all-time low on Friday
  9.  Seeking out alternative payment methods
  10.  Bluesky is still an independent company
  11.  Gen Z embraces digital technologies to manage their money

#fintech #cryptocurrencies #defi
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Product and Marketing Lead, StormPay
Apr 13, 2022
NEAR Protocol raises $350 million in new funding. NEAR says this latest funding round will accelerate the decentralization of the NEAR ecosystem. NEAR's previous raises included a $21.6 million round in May 2020 and another $150 million in January 2022.

Block users who receive their paychecks through Cash App's direct deposit feature can now receive all or a portion of those wages in Bitcoin. While Block integrated Lightning to Cash App in February, users can currently only send Bitcoin via the network, not receive it—something Block says will change in the "near future."

Uber plans to add long-distance travel bookings to its UK app this year, including intercity trains, coaches and flights, as chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi reboots the “super app” strategy he first outlined several years ago.

In this edition:

1️⃣ Personal opinion: Crypto and non-financial services within the embedded finance ecosystem?
2️⃣ NEAR Protocol raises $350 million in new funding
3️⃣ The race to the super app: Walmart
4️⃣ "Paid in Bitcoin" and other crypto features by Cash App
5️⃣ Embedded finance and crypto are enablers for one another
6️⃣ Chris Dixon: Crypto Networks and Why They Matter
7️⃣ Go-To-Market motions for Layer 1 blockchains and other protocols
8️⃣ Uber adds planes and trains to cars in ‘super app’ push
9️⃣ Ranking Open Finance data sources by relevance to SMBs

#fintech #bitcoin #embeddedfinance #superapps #financialservices 
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Co-founder & community builder, #EveryoneCanContribute cafe
Apr 04, 2022 2022-04-04 is here 🌱 

Open Source Getting Started, Go 1.18, Kubernetes Events, KubeCon EU, Dagger, (API) Observability and

And so much more. In your inbox and at 
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Connector, podcaster, publisher, Do the Woo
Apr 03, 2022
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