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Senior architect, fourTheorem
May 20, 2022
Published a new episode of AWS Bites podcast

37. How do you migrate a monolith to AWS without the drama?

Migrating monoliths to the cloud can be a scary, expensive and time consuming and time consuming activity. Many companies try to avoid it even if it could be beneficial for them, just because they think it would require too much work and be too risky. But there are interesting compromises and incremental approaches that can be used to simplify and de-risk this kind of migration. The idea is that you don’t necessarily have to dramatically re-engineer your application to move it to the cloud (and start to take advantage of it).

In this episode, based on an InfoQ article that we recently published, we discuss a fictional use case where a company with a monolithic application managed to move to the cloud with a minimum amount of change. The move to the cloud has brought more scalability and resilience for the company to move forward and expand. But it also brings new challenges and opportunities. We will discuss all of this in more detail and by the end of this episode you should have a checklist for migrating monoliths to the cloud with minimal effort.

⏱ timestamps:

00:00 Intro
01:12 Case study: a fictitious legal startup
02:50 What is the problem we are trying to solve with moving to the cloud?
05:40 What kind of tradeoffs can we suggest?
06:50 The new architecture: ALB + EC2 instances + S3 + RDS + ElastiCache
10:10 First steps: learning Infrastructure as Code and AWS Networking
13:18 Next step: data migration (files, database and session storage)
19:02 Next step: deploying the application code (AMIs and operational mindset shift)
22:37 Going live: HTTPS and DNS
25:25 Knowledge gap and other things the team needs to learn
27:50 What's next: opportunities and challenges
31:38 Wrapping up

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:
- InfoQ article “A Recipe to Migrate and Scale Monoliths in the Cloud”:
- Our previous episode about other cloud migration strategies:
- Our previous episode about the difference between CloudFormation and Terraform for infrastructure as code:
- Our previous episode about the pros and cons of CDK for infrastructure as code:

This episode is also available on YouTube:

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- Google:
- Breaker:
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Do you have any AWS questions you would like us to address?
Leave a comment here or connect with us on Twitter:
#aws #monolith #migration
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Connector, podcaster, publisher, Do the Woo
May 15, 2022
A bit of ruffled feathers in the WordPress space. My thoughts, short and to the point... no big deal.
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Fullstack Web and Mobile Developer, Zero and One
May 14, 2022
Today’s episode is with Sean Falconer, head of developer relations at Skyflow. In this episode we have discussed the following:
  • His role as Head of Developer at Skyflow 
  • What Skyflow offers and how it can impact businesses on a large scale
  • His adventures at Google
  • The benefits Google provides to its employees
  • His position being a CTO and founder to a startup
  • His experience being a Postdoc at Stanford
  • And much more

Video version of the episode: 

Audio version of the episode: 

Show notes of the episode: 
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Head of Design, Utmost
Jan 14, 2022

Final Episode

And just like that, Opacity has reached its end. In ep.32—our series finale—Tom and I look back on our experience podcasting.

In Jan 2019 we set out to create "a #podcast about working in #design". Might sound vague, but to us, it meant that every episode was about the experience of work in our industry. We weren't there to advise, but to talk about our experiences and perspectives. And for most episodes, that was done without prep. Maybe creating a a sense for listeners of sitting in on a morning convo over a coffee.

It's been a fun journey personally and professionally for both of us. I think we both learned a lot about ourselves in the process, which alone made it all worth it.

A big thanks to everyone who pressed play on even 1 episode, and an even bigger thanks to you all who tuned in and gave us both feedback and encouragement.

To all our special guests, thank you for joining us and sharing so much of your wisdom and experience.

And to Tom, thanks for being a fantastic interlocutor and co-host. I think we made something good, and had a lot of laughs in the process.

Hope you enjoy this final episode 🙌
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Senior architect, fourTheorem
May 13, 2022
Published a new episode of AWS Bites Podcast

36. What’s new for JavaScript developers on AWS?

There are lots of options for programming languages on AWS these days but one of the most popular ones remains JavaScript. In this episode of AWS Bites we discuss what it’s like to develop with JavaScript, Node.js and TypeScript on AWS and what’s new in this field.
We explore why you would choose JavaScript and what are the trade-offs that come with this choice. We present some of the main features of the all-new AWS SDK v3 for JavaScript. We discuss runtime support and tooling for AWS Lambda and finally some interesting developments in the JavaScript ecosystem for the cloud and AWS.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Our commitment to the JavaScript & Node.js ecosystem
01:30 Why we should consider JavaScript on AWS
02:25 The new AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3)
03:00 The command pattern
04:10 Idiomatic Javascript and Node.js with the AWS SDK: Streams
05:55 Idiomatic Javascript and Node.js with the AWS SDK: Async Iterators
07:10 Built in support for Mocking in the AWS SDK
08:00 Middleware support for request/response enrichment in the AWS SDK
09:30 Using JavaScript with Serverless and Lambda
10:10 ESM Modules in Lambda with Node.js 14
11:50 The Middy framework
14:32 The Lambda Power tools library for TypeScript
15:30 JavaScript or TypeScript?
17:40 The pros and cons of bundling Lambda code
18:46 The Serverless Framework
19:50 CDK (Cloud Development Kit)
20:34 ZX: scripting language built on top of JavaScript and Node.js (by Google)
23:13 Wrap up

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:
- Our previous episode on What language to use for lambda:
- AI as a Service by Eoin Shanaghy and Peter Elger (book):
- Node.js Design Patterns by Mario Casciaro and Luciano Mammino (book):
- AWS SDK for JavaScript v3 high level concepts (including command based model):
- AWS SDK for JavaScript v3 paginators using Async Iterators:
- Mocking support for the AWS SDK for JavaScript v3:
- Various interesting benchmarks on different Lambda runtimes: - -
- Support for ESM modules in AWS Lambda (Node.js 14):
- The Middy Framework (middleware pattern for AWS Lambda):
- Lambda Power Tools library for TypeScript:
- Yan Cui’s article on performance improvements with bundling:
- ZX project (scripting with JavaScript) by Google:

You can listen to AWS Bites wherever you get your podcasts:
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- Spotify:
- Google:
- Breaker:
- RSS: ​​

Do you have any AWS questions you would like us to address?
Leave a comment here or connect with us on Twitter:

#aws #javascript #nodejs
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CEO, Media A-Team, Inc.
May 10, 2022
I enjoyed this conversation with my fellow roundtable peeps!
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Connector, podcaster, publisher, Do the Woo
May 10, 2022
On the cusp on WordPress 6.0 and the Roundtable jumps in on some perspectives and what it means to WooCommerce.