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Web Platform Engineer, Atlassian
May 18, 2022
Released v2.0.0 of @bradgarropy/http to support patch and delete methods!
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Developer Experience, Begin
May 16, 2022
I science'd Markdown renderers to help choose an engine for SSR .md to HTML. The benchmarks may be helpful to others
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Staff Software Engineer, Synopsys
May 15, 2022
After almost a year of work, today I finally released the major new version of PicMo (formerly Emoji Button), a plain JavaScript emoji picker component!

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Released CaptionThis - a game where you're presented with a new comic daily and challenge friends to write the funniest captions.

Check out CaptionThis out here
Open-Source code is available here
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Senior Front-End Developer, Civica
Started 10 days ago
Joined a couple of likeminded people to work on projects that interest us. It’s called “somedevsdo”. Born out of the fact that we had all been devs in the past, that due to one reason or another, “didn’t”. Excited to see where it leads us!
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