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Technical Director, Synchromedia Limited
Nov 11, 2008
Set up the PHPMailer project on GitHub
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Senior Engineer - Terraform Developer Productivity, HashiCorp
Mar 09, 2022
Spoke at Hack Hours today about MLOps, and the similarities with DevOps practices.

4 core principles of MLOps that we discussed are:

  • Versioning (model code and datasets)
  • Automated data pipelines
  • CI/CD for Machine learning
  • Automated testing
Check out the demo repo for an example that ties all this together!
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Mar 05, 2022
#Day20 #100DaysOfCode
stack is a data structure that resembles a stack of plates for which the plates should only be taken from the top. there are many ways to implement a stack: struct, class, linked list. And, there is an already built-in stack in the std library.
i come by an example solved by using stack is the celebrity problem. it states as follows:
A celebrity accidentally crashes a party. Everybody knows the celebrity but the celebrity knows no one. Given a matrix of acquaintances where each person knows or does not know someone's else, find whether the celebrity attends the party.
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Binance Campus BUIDLer , Binance
Feb 23, 2022
Learning Linux is easy! 🐧

I'm documenting everything(commands and shortcuts) that I come across while learning Linux in a GitHub Repository.

Contributions are welcome!🫂
Make sure to star it for a glance!✨
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Control & Automation Engineer, Hatch Consulting
Feb 19, 2022

Simplify Rails Views Using ViewComponents with Tailwind CSS and RSpec

Confidently develop Rails app views with reusable components.

Make front-end development more ergonomic by cutting down on duplication across your app, while leaving your code base more maintainable and providing a consistent user experience.

If any of the above interests you, check out the full post and follow along from the comfort of your own editor as we refactor a fully-tested example application.

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