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Assistant Professor, Doane University
Mar 10, 2022
Released my second zine, You Are What You Eat Now Go Live In It.
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Events & Training Coordinator, PHENND
Nov 11, 2021
Published my first zine with friends, Just Okay: a zine about embracing mediocrity:
"Capitalism only cares about performance, quality, and being the best. Being Mediocre, or simply existing, is a gift to yourself. It's radical, revolutionary, and defies the expectation to complete an impossible task." 

We raffled 5 copies to raise money that was donated to local mutual aid funds that provided laundry support for the local housing insecure community.
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Product Designer, Cohere
Apr 21, 2021
Submitted photos and written content and oversaw the development and creation of YSDN ∴ Afterword, an interactive zine showcasing the experiences of the graduating cohort of YSDN2021. 
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Marketing Manager, EverCommerce
Feb 15, 2016
As a break from my thesis work, I was invited by my colleagues at MCAD to write four essays on the artists involved in Hypervisible (Invisible), a four-person show held at the Hopkins Center for Art in Hopkins, Minnesota. The show, featuring artists Leslie Barlow, Patience Leiken, John Matsunaga, and Amber Newman, centered on their experience as BIPOC artists and their respective relationships with their identity.
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