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Head of Internal Software Development and Digitalization, ZKW Lichtsysteme GmbH
May 23, 2022
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Software Engineer, Tribunal de Justiça do Estado de Sergipe
May 08, 2022

I built a Baby Care web app using JHipster (open source from now on 🥰)

My baby girl Marília was born on December 14th/2021, so I decided to build a web app before she was born to help me to track her sleep hours, favorite nap place, her humor, breastfeeding and more. Her nickname is Mamazinha, so the web app is called Mamazinha Baby Care.

Why did I open source it? 
  • I couldn’t afford the cost to host it and make it free to use. So now everyone can use it by hosting it localhost like I am doing now.😁
  • I want to share a full project built with JHipster that could be a startup product (in my opinion). So I could enhance this post by sharing how JHipster is awesome in a “real” application and not in a hypothetical or sample app.🤓
  • I want to have an experience by knowing what it’s like to make an open source project and see where is going to lead me. ☺️
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Staff Android Engineer, Adyen
May 19, 2021
In my first blog post I share a bit of the journey of migrating our SDKs and our release from JCenter to Maven Central.
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Community Manager, thirdweb
Apr 18, 2022
Released the latest update to my own Universal Discord Rules. All you need to do is to modify my ready made rules for moderating your community.


#opensource #warens #universal #discord #rules
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