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Launched my web developer portfolio. I used Next.js and deployed to Vercel.
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Buyer, Telephonics Corporation
Jan 31, 2022
Redesigned and overhauled my portfolio site and I am so proud of it. Please feel free to take a look and share your thoughts/critiques.
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Cybersecurity Analyst, Boom Lab
Jan 23, 2022
I finally did it!

I'm a backend developer and data scientist by trade, and I've always been amazed by good portfolio sites. You can do so many fun things with frontend systems, but my javascript abilities have never been great. I've always learned best through projects, so I figured the fastest way to get a handle on React would be to take a good portfolio site template and make it my own. I ended up forking this wonderful template from Manu Arora.

You could make the most amazing data pipeline in the world, but it's worthless until you can build a fun and interesting way to expose it to users. This is precisely why we hired a professional to build our frontend for, and also why it's so important that I get up to speed. Somebody is gonna have to make the edits!

The only things left to do are tweak a few more pieces to make it my own and add the DNS entry, at which point I'll be live at Hope to see you there!

P.S. -- If you're ever looking for inspiration and/or something to aspire to, check out my personal favorite site from a planetary scientist:
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