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Buyer, Telephonics Corporation
Jan 30, 2022
Launched my redesigned/rebranded Front-End Web Development blog
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Senior Software Engineer, Twilio
Oct 04, 2020
Redesigned my website and rewrote it using Next.js! It's deployed via Vercel and images are hosted on S3 using CloudFront as a CDN.
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Software Engineer, Procurated
Jan 21, 2022
I created a new version of my personal site! The new version uses web safe fonts and no external assets, just HTML pages with a small set of inline styles. It’s based on the Bear blog theme. Hugo is very fast and very fun to work with. The blog is hosted on CloudFlare Pages, which helps it load super fast!
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Software Engineer Intern, SIRCLO
Jan 16, 2021

Remake Personal Website

Developing a personal website is always fun and exciting, from this date I have been updating my personal website, here is a major transformation from my old site (HTML, SCSS) to a new site (Next.js, Tailwind CSS).

You can check my new site here.

Also, here is the before vs after.

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Web Developer, Cloudify ApS
Jan 10, 2021
Updated personal website with more personal touch.
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Software Engineer, PIPELINE Security
May 05, 2019
Bought the domain for my personal site - and published personal site on Linode. Now it is hosted on Netlify.
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