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Lead UI/UX Designer, Convey
Mar 20, 2019
Launched Speak Human on Product Hunt and was featured (#3 spot)!  Speak Human is a tool to help generate some microcopy that you may use quickly, or even spark some ideas for your project.
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Front-End Engineering Lead, Pastel
Feb 15, 2022
Today, with the team, I launched my first Product Hunt app! 🎉

This was also my first plugin and is built in React from scratch (not using Create React App), with the Adobe UXP API. Lots of blood, sweat and tears went into this and I learned a lot in the process!!!

That moment I pressed a button in Adobe XD to upload an image, and then see that image appear in Pastel, a completely separate app, was absolutely magic!!! ✨

Support and feedback on Product Hunt very much appreciated!
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Front-End Engineering Lead, Pastel
Launched my first Product Hunt project for the Indian User Data Tools plugin. 🚀

Featured on Product Hunt home page on the launching day.

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Product Designer, Akveo
Oct 24, 2021
Today, the was featured as #5 app of the day on the Product Hunt 🔥
👀 Product Hunt Page
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CEO and co-founder, Orbital Chat
Aug 27, 2021
Planning a Product Hunt launch soon?

I'm joining some friends who have all hit the front page to answer your questions about how to plan a winning PH launch strategy. It's a casual chat, stop by!

Wednesday 1st Sep, 5pm BST
😺  RSVP for the access link 👇
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