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Product Designer, Tala
Apr 21, 2021
Initiated in-app rebrand experience to drive consistency and enable scale across product and external channels. Amplified Tala’s design system to evolve the visual language alongside the company’s functional evolution towards new account products and more holistic financial services. 
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Chief Human, Internet Marketing for Humans
Mar 05, 2022
We have finalised the logo and started building the website for our re-brand. I have decided that we should build the website live (rather than on a secret staging server) so our collaborators and easily comment on our progress.

Take a look here -
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Media Strategist, Deloitte Digital
Aug 02, 2021
Led the rebrand of Simple Studies, now!
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Deputy CTO, Haiku
Jul 11, 2020
A Howtocards project is now called Cardbox.
Development started from scratch.
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