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Podcaster, Zone Out Radio
May 24, 2022
Tragedy in Texas. Compassion, sadness, caring all went to hell when Biden disgraced the office with partisanĀ  political hooey in a time of real need. Thanks for nothing you fool. The Pod:
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Transformative Programs & Community Launch Strategist, Bottled Lightning
May 23, 2022
Absolutely LOVING Descript. Recorded an audio track, produced a blog post, audiograms & social posts, all from the same lil nugget of content. This video/audio editing tool is UNMATCHED.

For you community nerds (aka managers & creators), this is 4 Reasons People Cancel Memberships (and what to do about it).Ā 

It's also got a breakdown on how to calculate your attrition rate, and when to start getting worried.Ā 

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Data Scientist, Waterstons
May 18, 2022


ahhhhhhhhhhh how has this happened??? approximately 1000 more people than I thought would listen!

I do have one teensy thing to ask from you though, person who is reading this! If you have any ideas for ridiculous business ideas to make your life more fun please please please get in touch! We love hearing people's ideas, and will always (well, within reason..) read out an email on the show! We don't need the business idea to be "sensible" - just fun! Find us here!

Our show, Brains on the Outside, celebrates creativity and the ridiculous ideas for businesses you wish were real - what if you could get food pumped into your house through tubes? what if you could get a train ticket that let you drive the train? what if there was a social media website for dogs? You get the idea - things that are wonderful, wholesome, and exciting! Things that would make our lives extraordinary!
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Developer Advocate, Stripe
Apr 29, 2022
Had a great chat with Brian Douglas about building the APIs You Won't Hate community on a twitter space for Open Sauced
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Maintainer, APIs You Won't Hate
Podcast editor, NRC
May 04, 2022
A new episode for my VERVORMER podcast. It's a phonographic trip with a short introduction in Dutch.

Let's get on this sonic trip, 5 days in Paris:
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Podcaster, Zone Out Radio
May 03, 2022
Stress Free Zone Night. And the truth on woke Disney from the boss in Sweet Florida. The Pod:
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