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Technical Coordinator, Siteocity
Mar 01, 2022
I spent a little time working on redesigning the redesigned WHM UI. While the new UI is neat, I wanted to give it my own touches which I thought would help improve it and make it even better. The attached screenshots are only mockups and do not exist in the real product. They're definitely not finalized either, but the result of playing around with things for an hour or two.

Later in the evening while laying in bed I had the idea to either remove the Service Status section and replace it with graphs of various metrics (load, disk usage, network interface usage, etc...), or place those graphs below the Service Status section.

It was a fun project and provides and idea on what WHM could look like. ☺️
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Web Developer, cPanel
Feb 26, 2022
with my new domain, I decided to recode my portfolio.

I like the result.
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Content Creator • UX Dev-signer • Entrepreneur, Self-employed
Jan 14, 2018
Archinia • previously

Responsibilities: Wireframing, Content Strategy, Web Design, and Accessibility.

The goal: Design a low-cost, low-maintenance site to present architecture and education services that is macular degeneration future-proof.

The result: Archinia relaunched with WCAG AA standards in place complete with a visual portfolio of work in preservation, education, and sustainability!

The future: The site is publicly available on GitHub for continued collaboration, plus it'd be awesome to transcribe every photograph in super detailed alt text so Rachel will always be able to see her work through words.

Wishlist: I'm hoping to retrofit the site with Netlify CMS to replace Medium as the blog.
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Content Creator • UX Dev-signer • Entrepreneur, Self-employed
Content Creator • UX Dev-signer • Entrepreneur, Self-employed
Sep 20, 2019
The Congressional Hunger Center • • May 2019 - Oct 2019

Responsibilities: Stakeholder interviews, information architecture (IA) design, wireframes, web design, custom development, analytics implementation, and hosting optimizations.

The goal: Redesign the Congressional Hunger Center website to direct various audiences to the most relevant content, give the organization room to grow with additional program offerings, create smart reusable content blocks, be mobile responsive, and have a new, fresh modern look.

The result: The new website launched in September 2019 complete with reusable and interactive content thoughtfully narrated for each audience type. The new site is clean, modern and features an abundance of imagery.

The future: Using analytics through events, goals, and segments, assist the organization with optimizing their application process for fellowship and internship cohorts.
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UX Developer, Deytah
Content Creator • UX Dev-signer • Entrepreneur, Self-employed
Feb 23, 2014 • Feb 2014 - Sep 2014

Helped redesign department’s website with Twitter Bootstrap (this was before the University standardized all department themes to be the same).

I developed a course listing module emphasizing relevant pre-requisites for each degree concentration to streamline student enrollment selections. When I transferred into the program, it was a nightmare figuring out what qualified for my concentration, what would or wouldn't also count for my minor, what prerequisites I needed first, etc. With that in mind, I wanted future students to experience less chaos when it came to this degree planning.

We also built a showcase to highlight contributions to the scientific discipline with current project highlights and faculty biographies. I became the graduate student photographer and interviewer to tell document their stories and promote them on the site.
The Stack:
  • I wrote in: English, HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Framework: Bootstrap
  • Editing: Notepad++, Microsoft Office
  • Photography: Nikon D5100, Adobe Photoshop
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Web Designer: Anthropology, The University of New Mexico
Senior Software Engineer, Myntra
May 20, 2021
Redesigned my personal site and blog section. Used Figma for UI/UX and developed the website using Next.js and mdx.

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