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Content Creator, cod3r
Oct 24, 2021
Contribui no projeto Panda Responde na Hacktoberfest
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Acesse o projeto no Github clicando aqui
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Content Creator, cod3r
Oct 24, 2021
Contribui com a responsividade do site da caverna durante a hacktoberfest!
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Acesse o repositório clicando aqui.
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Brian Douglas


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Senior Software Engineer, Snyk
Dec 20, 2021
Made a big contribution to open-sauced/open-sauced, updating our React baseline from create-react-app@3 to major version 5, shaving off the webpack@5 upgrade in the process, and preparing for a more minimalistic approach to React tooling. Part of was merged early in open-sauced/open-sauced#1342 🍕
Listing everything that was done in these 2 pull requests:
- updated create-react-app to 5 and webpack tooling to 5
- simplified Babel and ESLint configurations
- implemented new Bahmutov GitHub actions cache
- fixed static deployment and diagram artifacts
- updated npm lock file to version 3
- improved Webpack configuration
- updated Jest testing configuration and added coverage report script
- added new workbox service worker configuration
- added web vitals configuration
- fixed all code standards issues
- made most workflows reusable
- refactored unit tests to comply with modern react testing libraries patterns
- implemented multipass SVG optimization strategy and precache commit
- added better testing workflow and reused it in the release
- updated documentation with new analysis commands
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Open Source Contributor, Open Sauced
Frontend Engineer, Magic
Sep 10, 2021
Refactored my Portfolio with Next.js and a new design.
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Frontend Engineer, Magic
Aug 22, 2021
Refactored Kibodo with Next.js
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Volunteer, 350 Seattle
Aug 24, 2021
I reworked my favorite D3.js Spine Generator project!

Check it out here:
Read about it here:

The project now grabs my latest reading data from Open Library's APIs and visualizes them using Open Library's Cover's API + get-image-colors and D3.js 🥳
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