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Front-end Developer and UI/UX Designer, C Steinweg Online
May 07, 2022

SoulDoodle's website bug fixes

- Investigating some limitations of wix and workarounds related to responsiveness.
- Study how to include custome code in Wix and examine the effect of having custom code in terms of priority, effort and maintainability
- Structure some sections and tested the web and mobile
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Software Developer, Anspire Agency
Started 3 months ago
Refactoring a mid size react native app 
  • Migrate javascript to typescript 
  • Upgrade from 0.59 to 0.67
  • Define a new Design System for the app
IT’s gonna be super fun…✨✨
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Senior Software Engineer, Snyk
Jan 10, 2022
Made a minor contribution to open-sauced/hot, refactoring most of the code and applying correct ESLint configuration. It wasn't picking up changes outside the editor, and that's something that caused a lot of back and forth for some of our early contributors!🔥
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Open Source Contributor, Open Sauced

Joe Alongi


Invited User

Full Stack Developer, IBM
Feb 23, 2022
Simplifying React Ventures to remove any visual loading hinderance was a choice I made to shed light on the ability of Next.js to serve React components with server-side rendering.

In the future I plan to replace the Bootstrap features with Next UI, hopefully in the next release. You can find out more about the project in a new showcase I shipped this past weekend "React Ventures".

You can download & deploy via NPM or fork the repository from GitHub.

#React #Next #Vercel #SSR
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Senior Software Engineer, Snyk
Nov 04, 2021
Made a valuable refactor to open-sauced/ and some marketing level adjustments after having done a lot of research into docusaurus plugins, the technology powering our pizza docs site. It is now shippable as a docker container and with these changes it would later become downloadable as a pdf handbook!
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Open Source Contributor, Open Sauced