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Sr. Software Engineer, Frameworks, Netlify
Apr 29, 2022
Released support for the NextAuth.js authentication library for Netlify's NextJS plugin.

Sample project can be found here:
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Agile Coach & Trainer, Agilar
Apr 08, 2022
Just released a couple of new features for the Maturity Assessment app. The lowest hanging fruit are certainly the work spreadsheets.
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Co-founder, Scrintal
Mar 21, 2022
Scrintal's mission is make knowledge more accessible, connected and open!

As a first step towards reaching that goal, we released the first public board sharing capability last week.

Moving forward, anyone will be able to share the content they created with others, present simple, clear views of all the complex information they gathered, and track & show the thought process to back up all their conclusions.

Here is an example of the Scrintal knowledge base that tells you how we ended up building a visual note taking & mind mapping app and how it differs from the existing tools.
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Lead Developer, SiegeGG
Jun 13, 2020
Launched SiegeGG Competitions! 🚀
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Lead Developer, SiegeGG
Frontend Developer, Sketch
Jan 26, 2022
Components Web View has been released for Sketch! 🎉 

Now you'll be able to see all the symbols, colour variables, text and layer styles on a document listed in a convenient format 💅 The frontend has my touch ✨✌️

You can read more about it on the blog
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I introduced support for Server-side rendering in React InstantSearch Hooks.

These new server APIs let you render your search app on the server, and then make it interactive on the browser.

(Server-side rendering improves performance and SEO.)

Check it out on GitHub.
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