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Software Engineer, Tribunal de Justiça do Estado de Sergipe
May 08, 2022

I built a Baby Care web app using JHipster (open source from now on 🥰)

My baby girl Marília was born on December 14th/2021, so I decided to build a web app before she was born to help me to track her sleep hours, favorite nap place, her humor, breastfeeding and more. Her nickname is Mamazinha, so the web app is called Mamazinha Baby Care.

Why did I open source it? 
  • I couldn’t afford the cost to host it and make it free to use. So now everyone can use it by hosting it localhost like I am doing now.😁
  • I want to share a full project built with JHipster that could be a startup product (in my opinion). So I could enhance this post by sharing how JHipster is awesome in a “real” application and not in a hypothetical or sample app.🤓
  • I want to have an experience by knowing what it’s like to make an open source project and see where is going to lead me. ☺️
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Software Engineer, Coiled
Apr 24, 2022
I've been a maintainer for opsdroid for a few years, but today was the first time I released a new version to Pypi!

Version 0.26.0 is now live.
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IT System Administrator, Monrovia Nursery
Mar 27, 2022
Released my website, Bloons Tier List, to the public!

Check it out here:
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Senior Developer Relations Engineer, Google
Apr 14, 2022
Just released v2.9.0 of the Python client for Google Cloud BigTable 

It now supports App Profile Multi-Cluster Routing by passing in multi_cluster_ids to the constructor.

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Co-founder, Codex Felis
Feb 13, 2022
Released Royal Velvet theme for note-taking app
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