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Technical Student, CERN
May 05, 2022
I am excited to share my article that was at work for quite some time.

In the article, you can find my motivation behind building my small web analytics tool - Flarelytics (it is open-sourced on GitHub). 

I will go into an overview of what technologies I have used, talk about ways to track analytics in the browser with plain JS, and more. Be sure to check the article -
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Open Source Consultant, Netways
Apr 06, 2022
I released v3.3.0 of dashing-icinga2 today. The aim was to get better stability and less rendering issues by shifting the backend from `thin` and `dashing` to `puma` and `smashing`.
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Site Reliability Engineer, GitLab
Jul 03, 2020
Because I needed a webcam and had a Kinect 2 laying around, I decided to hack together a user-land driver to use the Kinect 2 as a webcam.

This project uses libfreenect2 to facilitate the communication to the device, and v4l2loopback to present it as a webcam.
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Published tiptap-commonmark, a starter kit for the WYSIWYG editor  tiptap.
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Staff Software Engineer, Slack
Jul 21, 2014
I released Sassy Starter, a SCSS boilerplate.

Sassy Starter is a starter toolkit based on Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS (SMACSS) and Atomic Design for Sass (SCSS) projects.

Styles are broken down into the following groups: Base, Layout, Atoms, Molecules, Organisms, States, Themes, Utilities and Overrides

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