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Maintainer & Developer Advocate, Chakra UI
May 18, 2022
New course alert! I've published my "Fundamental Next.js API and Patterns" course on Egghead! I'll walk you through creating your first Next.js app, deploying it on Vercel and everything in between! Check it out and let me know what you think! ❤️
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I'm super proud to launch my first course

~ Chakra UI for Beginners ~

Learn the fundamentals of Chakra UI in 60 minutes!

📦 Common components
💅🏼 Style props
🎨 Default theme
📱 Handling responsiveness

Check it out
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Scientist for Machine Learning, ECMWF
Apr 02, 2022
My newest Skillsahre class focuses on making your CV or Resumé the best it can be for a data science job.

Translate those skills you have into something that will get you out of the discard pile and in front of recruiters. Most people taking my classes already have data skills but need some hints to get those into a format recruiters like and understand.

Check out my latest class to get you that job:

In this class, you'll get:

  • Formatting tips
  • Templates
  • Structure of CV
  • Translations for data skills
  • List of key skills
Craft your Resumé for Your Career Transition into Data Science & Machine Learning

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Skillshare Instructor, Skillshare
Iride Progetti, Iride Progetti
Mar 15, 2022
Today I launched my first Digital Marketing course, dedicated to videogame start-up. 

If you are working on a videogame project you must know the basics, you can use this course to improve your communication or to search for new collaborations.

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Adding my own React course to InformaticaLab, the platform where high school students learn programming and designing with modern languages and applications!

Got some design tips from my friend Justian to make this look more clean and aesthetically pleasing!
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Engineering Team Lead, Wealthsimple
Feb 01, 2021 is an interactive online course to deep dive into React Hooks.
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