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Nov 01, 2021
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Founder , Manifesting Alchemy
Jan 30, 2022
Featured in a global art project for multpassionates/multipotentialites

I'm thrilled to be involved in this global art project. That distills the voices of multi-passionate, non-linear thinkers from around the world. It's wonderful when it's acknowledged that some of us don't have one true calling. We don't all have to be specialists. We can embrace both sides of our brains, in how we navigate the world.

Learn more on multi-passionism/non-linear thinking:
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Founder , Manifesting Alchemy
Jan 30, 2022
I'm a physcian turned poet. I write and post regulalry at:

I avoid social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. As I'm a digital minimalist, I'm trying to reduce the noise clutter that comes from too much social engagement. 

If you're a lover of words, and poetry do take a look and share with anyone else who might like it or need it. 

Poetry is a powerful tonic to heal the soul and nourish the mind. 

I'm open to poetry collaborations too. Or if you're a conscious or creative brand that needs a poet or wordsmith for your project feel free to get in touch.

I also write lyrics too. I'm open to working with bands or independent solo-artist.

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Founder , Manifesting Alchemy
Jan 30, 2022
-Looking for an exciting, creative yet highly informative guest speaker on your podcast?

-Is your podcast related to the following areas?-poetry, healing, natural health, self-growth, spirituality, witchcraft, metaphysics, minimalism, simple living, 

-Or creativity, unconventional work or living, plant-based lifestyle or veganism, multi-passionism or multipotentiality?

-Then I might be just the right fit to be featured as a guest podcaster. 
Have a look at my detailed guest podcaster bio here:

Kindly reach out for work/collaboration/speaking opportunities
I Live in Illinois, USA. My time zone is CST -6

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Founder , Manifesting Alchemy
Jan 30, 2022
Herbal tea tonics, raw vegan living foods, and esoteric healing teachings are some of the tools I use on my journey to healing, and sacred-self care. It's important to nourish the mind and soul. To fortify us to live from our highest most balanced space. 

Interested in working with soul-centered clients who seek a spiritually inclined healing guide to support them on their wellness journey.

I'm a medical doctor and naturopathic physician, as well as a poet and herbalist. I'm fascinated by all things occult and metaphysical related. I have found when I incorporate esoteric healing principles, I take the healing of my clients to a deeper, level.

Feel free to message me or email me at to connect. 
My website:

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Founder , Manifesting Alchemy
Jan 29, 2022
Published my poetry and ponderings online at
With almost 100K views in a few weeks.
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