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Jan 27, 2022
Set up CI / CD with Circle CI at work yesterday. I usually use GitHub Actions in my personal projects, but Circle CI’s ability to debug via SSH really won me over. I’m also super surprised by how fast it is! Medium containers start up incredibly fast, caches download quickly, and our lint / type checking pipeline finishes in less than 30 secs from front to back.

Also set up secrets management with Doppler. We had our secrets spread across several different services before, which made onboarding new developers more tedious. We had to add users to three or four different projects just for them to access the secrets locally. 

Doppler fixes that for us. It’s a single account and our developers have access to all the secrets they need. The CLI is super simple to use and the secrets are always up-to-date. It also syncs up with all of our deployment mechanisms via their API.
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