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Software Developer, Microsoft
Feb 05, 2021
I worked in service based startup as a lead Frontend & Backend engineer, and Cloud service manager.

In the span of 8 months, I learned a lot like teamwork, time management, pressure handling etc.

Apart of developing a robust User experience, &suitable Backend API's, I was communicating with team members and finetuning myself accordingly to best-fit the requirement.

I learned and perfected these skills

  • Modular React
  • Redux toolkit
  • Tailwind CSS and Material UI
  • Responsive UI/UX design concepts
  • Google OAuth
  • Phone/Email verification
  • API handling and error management
  • Strapi as headless CMS
  • MongoDB for database
  • Email template generation
  • Cron job management
  • Web sockets for real-time notifications
  • AWS as hosting service
  • Cloudflare for domain management
  • Google admin console for email management
  • Netlify for hosting static applications
  • Google search console
  • ... and a lot more I lost count of 

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Product Manager & UI/UX Designer,
Jul 14, 2021
I took over to manage product from the previous product manager, and maintain the UI/UX design in case of updates or revisions.
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Co-founder, Producter
Aug 26, 2021
Product companies need an end-to-end product management process. 🎳

Lack of improvement in this process decreases team performance.

We focus on four stages of the process as Producter and support it with our features like feedback widget or feedback link.

We’re on private beta now. Let’s shape Producter together >
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Creator, PHONG.VN
Aug 15, 2021
🎉 Excited to join Zalo as Product Management Trainee!
💪🏻 Learning how to find "What's the right thing to build"
✍️ I also wrote a blog post for sharing about it on PHONG.VN
(Vietnamese) Link here:
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Product Management Trainee, Zalo