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Growth, Specify
Apr 12, 2022
Enjoyed having a coding session with Allan to level up my coding skills. It’s so inspiring to work with a team that helps you thrive!

Thank you, Allan 🙏
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Growth, Specify
Analyst Developper, Crédit Mutuel
Apr 11, 2022
I am looking for an Internship as a Back-end Developper in a foreign country (I live in France). I have to do it for 3 months and ideally, between March and June 2023 but I can go for the Summer 2023.

I put my skills in the tags section.

I also have 4 years of experience as an apprentice Software Developer in two companies, Menicon and Crédit Mutuel

Do not hesitate to contact me on my Twitter or LinkedIn account ;)

Thanks and have a nice day!
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Jan 31, 2022
Vattenfall sucht SAP Experten/-innen an mehreren Standorten
Du findest alle SAP Stellenangebote der Vattenfall auf

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Undergraduate Research Assistant, Brain Computation Lab
Aug 13, 2021
I learned a ton while working with the Deep Pack at TheTake as a software engineering intern. While a majority of the information about my job is proprietary and cannot be discussed with the public, there are a few things I can tell you:
  • I analyzed the massive internal database kept by the company for common trends in the data and presented the information to the team in the form of various reports, a first of its kind analysis done by the company.
  • I used this data to construct smaller datasets used to benchmark the performance of text search algorithms used in TheTake API.
  • I wrote integration tests used in the company's CI/CD pipeline to track the performance of modifications to the text search algorithms.
  • I proposed future optimizations to the text search algorithm.
This was my first internship ever. It was eye-opening to see how things are done at the professional level in software engineering. Working at a startup allowed me full access of every part of the stack, which helped immensely in my learning and skill building. I had amazing time working at TheTake and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. 

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