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CEO, inspired consulting
May 06, 2022
Working with #startups is always something special. Exciting new topics and challenges are always part of it. A #casestudy about our wonderful cooperation with the #startup Green Me Up can now be found on our website!

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Abdullah Raza



Developer Relations and Growth Engineer, buildspace
Apr 08, 2022
I'm super excited to share that I recently launched a new project guide at Buildspace, check it out!
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Data Analyst/Scientist Apprentice, Netatmo
Jan 31, 2022
Today we delivered the beta version of our project Pandapp and I'm very pleased with what we did and what I learned about containerization, virtualization and orchestration.

Pandapp is a platform that allows you to easily deploy your application from your github repository.

well now to the next one.

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Starting in August 2019, and working with a couple of friends and colleagues, we started building what would become KurierJS, a TypeScript framework to create APIs following the JSONAPI and JSONAPI Operations specs.
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Software Engineer, Prototypal
Lead Creative, Creative Consillium
Dec 31, 2021
2021 has been a tougher year than usual, but amazing than ever. Here's my recap of the year —
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Photographer ,
Jan 06, 2022
Saudi Arabia has emerged as the most exciting global destination in the last couple of years, with concerted efforts towards presenting itself as an authentic and sustainable destination. Through this project, we assisted the Saudi Tourism Authority in advancing towards its goal of recognising immersive and experiential tourism products, while providing a structured framework for coordination within the ecosystem. Together with the prime consultant, we served as the Project Lead in designing a framework for the Saudi Tourism Authority for the evaluation and recognition of the country's experiential tourism products and stakeholders. 

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