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Programmer, FRC Robotics Team 467
Mar 28, 2022
Began learning Kotlin and Android Development

Started using my current knowledge of Java to start learning android development and Kotlin
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Started 3 months ago
Kickstart by Google was a difficult yet fun experience. Optimization of the code was top notch. Learnt a lot of things. Thank you!
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Technical Coordinator, Siteocity
Feb 23, 2022
2022-02-19: Since February 3, 2022 I've been having issues with the transferring of backups from a specific cPanel & WHM system to one of our backup servers. I feel like I made some progress today by replicating the issue (which helped narrow things down) but that was squashed when attempting to work with our data center to further investigate why there are so many dropped packets. I shouldn't have given up, but given that it's Friday I threw in the towel - at least until next week...🥱

Update (2022-02-22): I think we've got it figured out! The --blocking-io flag was causing an issue. I've re-enabled backups on the system. 🤞🏼 when I wake up tomorrow the backups have been taken and transferred to the remote host without issue!

Update (2022-02-23): It looks like the removal of the --blocking-io flag has resolved the issue! Patch is being submitted to the development team!
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Technical Coordinator, Siteocity
Animator, Derivco
Feb 13, 2022
I have recently dealt with a project that had it’s visual progress being damaged by discrepancy of messages within teams: the art and programming team did not seem to agree on the possible end results of an in game asset. 

I got in the middle of it unknowingly, it was already far down the project within a parallel team inside the company and it had been untouched since December. I was first approached after the previously responsible member  said it would be impossible to reach the result with the limitations proposed by the engine we use. 

This Friday I sat down with 11 developers and production artists from other teams to offer my own workarounds and work with theirs. “I have to reduce the size? okay! But I need this area to be crisp, how can this be done then?” and many other technical back an forth. After an afternoon, we were able to come up with a solution that was pleasing to everyone as a team effort.  

I am not dismissing the previous attempts, but I believe the tech industry has incredibly smart people that end up suffering for lacking the soft-skills. It is important that we also cultivate the capacity of opening up to others!

The message today is this:  
Work together, be humble, get creative and most of all.. explain your reasoning to everyone: don’t underestimate the capacity of a developer to understand how much more satisfying it would for a project they’re working on to look badass. 
Don’t underestimate the capability of an artist to be creative about the way of making the vision be real. 

Do you guys remember a similar struggle you’ve been through? Or worked too hard alone in a project for not being able to take the first step to reach out? 

Until the next time
Stay sane, survivors! 
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Senior Software Engineer, Synergi Partners
Dec 06, 2021
Catching up on Advent of Code problems with Rust!
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Dec 05, 2021
I completed the "Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner" an IBM course with an approach focused on applying design thinking at speed and scale to modern business demands. Many valuable lessons to put into practice in my daily work.
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