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Maintainer Advocate, Tidelift
May 18, 2022
I'll be speaking, sharing, and hanging out at Upstream 2022!

Join me as I moderate the Open Source Maintainers State of the Union panel, and share about building a contributor to maintainer pipeline within your projects and orgs! 

Have you registered yet? If not, here's your chance: https://bit.ly/3s0M8JJ 
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Maintainer Advocate, Tidelift
Apr 21, 2022
45 days in at Tidelift and I've: 

  • Created a influencer program and gained company-wide approval to lift the voices of influential open source maintainers with paid opportunities
  • Standardized our team's support process and responded to over 100 application requests since
  • Created a Maintainer's Perspective promotional video that was widely viewed during a company All Hands
  • Led a team to create new learning paths for maintainers visiting our website
  • Met with various industry professionals for potential sponsorship opportunities for diverse open source contributors
  • Organized our internal Diversity and Inclusion pod around actionable support and sponsorship in the open source community
And I'm just getting started. Wonder what a year will look like! 
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Senior Manager - Strategy & Consulting: Technology Advisory, Accenture
Dec 10, 2021
Really stoked to have partaken in an Intersectionality discussion today as part of our Strategy & Consulting Tech Advisory I&D Agenda (with guests across our business!).

So great to have shared and learned more about what intersectionality is, how it manifests in our personal and professional lives and be leading on the conversations regarding I&D in the workplace.

For those who don't know, intersectionality is a term coined almost 30 years ago by Kimberle Crenshaw and it is “the interconnected nature of social categorisations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.”

As belonging continues to be a key driver of engagement, which reaffirms the importance and relevance of creating an environment where employees belong, it is also crucial for building a highly engaged organisation. In the times of the "great resignation", understanding the intersectional makeup of our workforce’s population allows us to measure how employees of different identities are experiencing work differently every day.

I am proud to work for an organisation that isn't afraid to have these conversations, have curiosity, and continual introspection. Inclusion & Diversity is an invitation to hear and learn more about others’ experiences and systematically examine the workings of our society, even if it feels pretty uncomfortable sometimes.

A big thank you to all our panellists (Adhiraj Rana, Mohana Kolli and special guest from the Veteran's Network Casey Nixon), and very, very special thank you to the host and organiser Emma Gin

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Senior Manager - Strategy & Consulting: Technology Advisory, Accenture
Recovery Works Telephone Befriender, Mind
May 12, 2021
During my bootcamp experience with Le Wagon, I was asked to conduct one of their series of 'tech talk' interviews, wherein I spoke with Eloise Tait, a Le Wagon alumna and software developer at Ministy of Justice UK.

Talk with Eloise Tait - Software Developer at Ministry of Justice UK
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Lead Product Designer, Cerby
May 14, 2020
Co-hosted an online workshop on Inclusive Design and Accessibility alongside Andrea Cuella, Senior UX Designer at Wizeline Vietnam.

If you want to learn about the importance of designing for a large spectrum of people and the key principles and guidelines to design solutions that benefit everyone.

Consider this workshop as a good starting point for a meaningful change!

👉Here's the recording from the session
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Lead Product Designer, Cerby
Dec 04, 2020
Wrote an article for Wizeline design on how Sexuality and Design can help us have better conversations towards a more inclusive future.
You can check it out over here!

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