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Maintainer Advocate, Tidelift
Apr 21, 2022
45 days in at Tidelift and I've: 

  • Created a influencer program and gained company-wide approval to lift the voices of influential open source maintainers with paid opportunities
  • Standardized our team's support process and responded to over 100 application requests since
  • Created a Maintainer's Perspective promotional video that was widely viewed during a company All Hands
  • Led a team to create new learning paths for maintainers visiting our website
  • Met with various industry professionals for potential sponsorship opportunities for diverse open source contributors
  • Organized our internal Diversity and Inclusion pod around actionable support and sponsorship in the open source community
And I'm just getting started. Wonder what a year will look like! 
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Maintainer Advocate, Tidelift
Mar 24, 2022
Today I created the processes to help maintainers get paid. It felt good to be able to start my #DevRel journey from the beginning, forging a good path for those on my team to follow.
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Product Manager, VMware
Jul 22, 2019
Technical Program Manager for VMware NSX in the following tracks
  • Security and compliance based features and bug fixes 
  • Migration based enhancements for enabling customers to migrate seamlessly from NSX-V to NSX-T
  • Developer productivity improvements for optimizing developer cycle times
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Technical Program Manager, VMware
KPT Digital Academy, KPT - Die Krankenkasse mit dem Plus
Dec 27, 2021
Automatisierung Datenaustausch LMS

Durch die Automatisierung des Personalstamms im LMS der KPT ist dieser ständig aktualisiert und sämtliche Mitarbeitende werden standardisiert dem für sie passenden Kursangebot zugeteilt.  

Dies ermöglicht die Schaffung von fachspezifischen Lernpfaden. 
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Full Stack Developer, Tactable
Jan 15, 2020
I was tasked with creating a internal platform to help the customer support team carry out daily tasks for our clients.   

With that in mind, and within a team of 2, I set out to create a tool that will help the team accomplish these tasks in a reliable manner that's less risky than our interim process.
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Team Leader - Innovation, Tech and Web, The Information Access Group
May 12, 2021

Documenting shared knowledge and encouraging behaviour change with an internal wiki

From March to May 2021, I led a Documentation Working Group whose job was to find the best way for our team to share knowledge internally. This meant documenting concepts and processes that we use in our day-to-day work, and encouraging team members to write things down rather than keeping them in their heads.

Before this project, most of our shared knowledge was scattered across Word documents on a shared filesystem and group email threads.

After some brainstorming sessions, we landed on setting up our own internal wiki. I researched a few different options and landed on using the open-source MediaWiki project, which is the same software that Wikipedia uses.

This project gave me:
  • a passion for sharing knowledge and encouraging others to do so
  • a love for connecting information through hyperlinks - linking from specifics to the broader contextual information, and vice versa
  • important experience in pushing for behaviour change, especially when the rest of the team is busy. 
While encouraging people to use the wiki is an ongoing process, this was exactly the sort of project that I love working on - it was an intellectually stimulating challenge and a rewarding project to complete.
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