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100 Days of Python

I started studying python 🐍

I created a repository on GitHub to manage exercises and tasks during this challenge.
On Twitter I share every day of the challenge step by step 💪
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Feb 21, 2022
After much procastination, I have decided to start my #100daysofcode journey. The goal is to become better at Data Structures an Algorithms and start working on some side projects.
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Feb 17, 2022
Started the #100DaysOfCode with a simple website. The combined DX of VueUse, UnoCSS and Nuxt is just amazing and the process felt quite smooth. This was an idea I had for quite a while, inspired by the defunct rule49 site.

The Nuxt Rule (
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AWS Consultant, iSolutions
Jan 06, 2022
Actually on Day 4, but who's counting?  I am doing Javascript, React from .
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Day 0 of #100DaysOfCode: I learned about how the internet, web, and browser work and communicate in conjunction with one another to provide us access to information and to connect with the rest of the world.

Here are the specific topics that I learned:
🌎 History of the Internet starting from ARPANET
🧮 Bits, bytes, binary and hexadecimal system
📒 Internet Protocols (IP) and IP Address
🎛 Network systems and topologies
📦 IP Packets and Routing
🌐 UDP; TCP/IP Layers; OSI Model
🔑 HTTP (including HTTP Exchanges, HTTP Status Codes, HTTPS and cURL)
🔎 Domain Name System (DNS) and DNS Resolution
🚨 OWASP Top 10 Threats and Prevention
🖥 Browsers + Rendering Engines

As a bonus to my learning, I’ve started outlining a draft blog post about some of the topics that I learned — this will further reinforce my learning and perhaps, help my readers.

Additional information on my daily progress can be found at —
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 🥳 To kickstart my #100DaysOfCode challenge (as part of my journey to learn Full Stack Web Development), I shared a blog post committing to the challenge and detailing what I would like to accomplish the next 100 days.

📰 Within this article, I go over what the hashtag #100DaysOfCode entails, the base rules, and the personalized objectives that I'm setting for myself to ensure that I properly learn frontend technologies and am able to create fully-responsive websites from scratch.

📌 Read the full article for all the details + while you're there, don't forget to subscribe!

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