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I started digital planning.  Before I was doing memory planning with paper.  However, I switched over to digital planning this year.  I love this hobby and the digital planning community.
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Product Designer, Popmenu
Apr 02, 2022
Started a new hobby away from the digital space 👾

Why start carving spoons? Well if you must ask, I was watching Survivorman re-runs and at one point watched a QA he was a part of.  At one point he mentioned how when he teaches survivor classes, the first thing you learn is carving spoons and how surprising it is that lack of knife skills people have. 

Not sure if I'd be put into that situation 😅, but from that came another conversation I had with a co-worker about them starting woodworking/DIY projects. One thing led to another and here I am carving spoons and other small things. I've started a collection of things I've worked on so far:
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Co-Owner, Design & Development, North X South
Aug 20, 2019
Enrolled in an evening class for ceramics at McHenry County College to further my artistic expression – and find a new offline way to be creative
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Data Engineer, Critical TechWorks
Jan 07, 2022
Grew more and more code skills.
Learned how to handle difficult situations at work and in my personal network.
Opened my mind to start new hobbies.
Started to help and mentor more people.
Took care of my mental health.
Understood better the concept of family.
Had the courage to change my career path.

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Co-Founder , Raccoon
Oct 17, 2021
Like many, I love coffee. This year, I get into the artisanal coffee world, started with the manual espresso maker Flair Neo. It's take time to prepare this type of coffee, but thanks to WFH I got more times. Also, shoutout to my favourite local coffee roster, Nordik Café. 🤗
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Got the Glowforge I ordered as a holiday gift to myself. 😇
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