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Freelance Web Developer , ShuaybCodes
May 14, 2022
Started a new role in a leading Fintech Company in the financial advice space 

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Analytics Fellow, Blue State Digital
Jan 31, 2022
Started new position as Associate Insights Analyst
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Engineering Team Lead, PatientIQ
May 12, 2022
Started as an Engineering Team Lead at PatientIQ. We are hiring, so if you're interested in helping healthcare providers improve their understanding of patient outcomes send me a message!
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Engineering Team Lead, PatientIQ
UX Designer, Endeavor Biomedicines
Jul 01, 2020
Jumped back into freelancing full-time!
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I got hired at Calypso Technology in San Francisco as a junior software engineer.

At that time, I was just out of school, having graduated with a master's degree in software engineering from EPITA. My total experience was a year's worth of internships.

After living in New Caledonia, France and India, this was my time to discover a new country, and I was excited about it, having already planned my staying with American roommates.

The position was going to be a challenge, and I was ready for it. I wasn't afraid of tackling a massive codebase, and understanding complex systems, since EPITA prepared me very well for it. However, learning finance was the most significant difficulty since I never got any formal training in it.

I didn't know it yet, but I was engaging myself in a life-changing experience !
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Senior Experience designer , USAA
May 23, 2016
Started working today as an official graphic designer! Finally all the applications have paid off! 
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