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Front-end developer, Marzee Labs
Mar 23, 2022
Joined Marzee Labs as a Front-end developer! Suuuuper excited for this one 🎉🎉
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Front-end developer, Marzee Labs
Software Engineer, Toyota Connected India
Nov 01, 2018
Software Engineer at Qube Cinema.
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Software Engineer, 100Devs
Aug 23, 2021
Started as a Senior UI Developer with projekt202 Dallas. 

Excited to join the team and help clients innovate user experiences!
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Graduate Researcher, Czech Technical University in Prague
Jul 02, 2015
Started working for as a tech-blogger, smart devices-reviewer, and project coordinator.
I have single-handedly written 350+ articles that reached over 100k unique users
I have sealed advertising deals with large mobile phone manufacturers, like Huawei and Oppo, and software houses, like EaseUS
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DevOps Engineer, Ridgeline
Sep 02, 2019
I started a full-time position at Forefront Solutions as a software engineer. I continued to contribute to our legacy codebase written in PHP and jQuery, and began to work directly with our largest clients on custom intranet sites.

Towards the end of my time at Forefront, I began researching ways to break our monolithic legacy codebase into a microservices architecture. I prototyped services in C#.NET, used Angular for our frontend, and experimented with managing Docker across our on-premise infrastructure.
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Software Engineer, Forefront Solutions