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Head of Design, Northstar
Feb 07, 2022
I’m starting a newsletter as a better medium to share my thoughts, learnings, and failures. This will be a mix of my logs and a main topic 📰

I miss writing. I feel pressured and constrained with our current social media, and I think this will help me. My goal is to be very vulnerable around my life and work, and doing my best to share and learn openly.

My interests change month to month, and a place to share that without pressure is my hope for this newsletter.

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Senior QA Analyst, Adalo
Feb 17, 2022
Just setup a newsletter for my Telegram channel content. Something I figured from a few years of running a community in Telegram, international audience doesn't trust  Telegram so I decided to use a user friendly platform to share my posts with global audience. 
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Consultant / Storyteller, tsCreativ
May 16, 2021
Started The Gray Area Newsletter
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Founder and Partner, Vixita People Solutions
Feb 12, 2022
Hi! I am Nandan and I run a Management Consulting Firm called Vixita People Solutions. We focus on Strategy and People (HR) Consulting. 

We started our Newsletter a fortnight ago. It's called Interplay. It's about People, Management and Science. Let me know how you like it!

Here's Issue #1:
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Designer, Cityweb
Nov 08, 2021

RobotosBot Newsletter -> Robotos  Newsletter

My weekly newsletter RobotosBot Newsletter became the official newsletter for @RobotosNFT 🥳

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Interface Designer, Lemonero
Jan 11, 2022
2 years ago as a part of my freebie assets I've started working on my newsletter bringing more value to current users. It's an incredible ride and I am proud of that.

Feel free to join: Subscribe to Newsletter | Petr Bilek
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