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Software Engineer, FlowyTeam
Mar 20, 2022
I'm creating my own personal cloud lab. The primary stack is Docker, Portainer, and Traefik. Hosted at Vultr, you can earn $10 credit by following this link.
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Global Captain Africa, SLOConf
Nov 03, 2021
I started working on the proposed architecture, deployment and lifecycle management for Eutuxia, a video sharing platform.
Using Infrastructure as Code tools such as Crossplane and according to Gitops best practices. 
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Outreachy Software Developer Intern, UNICEF
Nov 16, 2021
Started working on personal project, Red List for Who. Creating a simple platform to help South Africans (and other countries on UK's red travel list) find ways to bypass the hotel quarantine by matching countries based on restriction requirements.

Stopped project as South Africa was taken off the UK's red list.

Using Python, Flask SQLAlchemy and SQLite.
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Expert Drupal Developer, Ecedi
Jul 12, 2021
Began working on a personal project : a documentation site.

As every developer, I needed something to host snippets and documentation of features I developed or problems I faced (or those bits of scripts I use three times a day but still google everytime I have to use it). I previously tried github gists, whose integration in PHPStorm is handy, but were not enough for larger features.

So I deployed a documentation site, using Grav, that allows for both snippets and larger docs, and is easily sharable.
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