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Member of the Board of Directors, Fondazione Finanza Etica
Nov 01, 2021
I have started a PhD in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Milano Bicocca. 
My research agenda is focused on money, cryptos, CBDCs, finance, cooperatives and financial inclusion from an anthropological perspective. 
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After my thrilling internship at Capgemini, I may provide soon more informations about my next BIIIIIIIG journey... called PhD!!

If you are interested in Deep Learning, Computer Vision, e-Health or Neuroscience, you should follow me to stay tuned!
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Started my PhD at Durham University, researching atomtronics and machine learning with ultra-cold atoms.
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Data Application Developer, Italarchivi
Nov 01, 2019
Started my PhD in Operations Research at Sapienza University of Rome.

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Co-founder & CTO, Smplrspace
Apr 01, 2010
Starting my PhD in Computer Science. Will be working for CNRS & Institut Mines Telecom at IPAL in Singapore, hosted at NUS & A*STAR.
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Research Engineer, Institut Mines-Telecom
Associate Director, Police Rewired
Jun 24, 2021
I'm going back to academia! Started studying for my Security and Crime Science PhD at UCL, focusing on quantitative modelling of police disproportionality and it's impact on legitimacy.
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