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Illustrator & Motion Designer, Pinfinity
Mar 31, 2022
My new Etsy store, Loot Drop Graphics, received it's first sale!
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Elena Passi



Feb 14, 2022
Let's see how this new social media works! :) Feel free to connect with me if you are a small business owner, you are interested in ecommerce or you need a marketing freelancer! :)

I own two Etsy shops that reached the top 15% of the marketplace in a few months, feel free to contact me for advice if you need it!
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Product Designer, Popmenu
Feb 05, 2022
I “re-released” my sticker shop!

Before it was hard to stay motivated or understand how I could continue to move forward with new ideas. This time I feel like I have a scoped my brand and what I do, which actually has helped with ideation and next steps.

Welcome to the where we sell your favor flavors in form of handmade stickers! You can also find us on Instagram at @lilbobashop
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Head of Product & Innovation, Binkies 3D
Dec 15, 2021
This summer I shared about the 3D printed mini Wellesley College lanterns I had started selling. Well, here's season 2! I'm now making ornaments and light-up wreath hangers based on the same design, and selling them on Etsy at the Little Lantern Shop.
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Artist & Designer, Samantha Andrews Creative
Nov 12, 2021

Sam Andrews Makes on Etsy

I'm so excited to announce the launch of my Etsy shop, Sam Andrews Makes, where I sell stickers and prints that inspire you to take the next right step in the direction of your dreams.

My hope is that the products I make remind you to stay centered and grounded in your own creative or spiritual practice.
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Artist & Designer, Samantha Andrews Creative
Business Owner, Sam Etches Photography
Feb 11, 2021
With digital prints readily available on my website, physical prints are now available through Etsy at The Print Kiosk UK. 🌈
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