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Staff Software Engineer, Stoplight
May 16, 2022
I'm writing my own `dotfiles` manager:
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Community Onboarding Team, Aviyel
Started about 1 month ago

The Open Source Thought (TOSTH)

Improving the Open Source Ecosystem
Working collaboratively with Joshua Poddoku to educate folks in the open-source community and non-open source enthusiasts and amplify the voices of those working voluntarily and tirelessly to sustain open source. We're doing this by having core conversations with open-source project creators and maintainers to talk about what challenges they may be facing and how larger organizations can and should support these projects.

For a start, these conversations would be managed on Twitter spaces while we brainstorm more accessible ways to preserve the information gathered from our guest speakers.

Our first Twitter space holds on Saturday at 19:00 WAT with amazing speakers available to share their thoughts. 

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BDFL, evilfactorylabs
Jan 17, 2022
Unofficial iOS application built for fun (React Native)
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Adding recently built Figma plugin as the first project on Github for others to use and build more cool stuff.

All coding projects would come on this profile ✨
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Senior Software Engineer, Team Mobot
Aug 09, 2019
Started developing my Haskell bindings to swiss-ephemeris -- with an eye to both faithful adaptation, and more expressive semantics:
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