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Recovery Works Telephone Befriender, Mind
Oct 11, 2021
I have settled on Python as the next language I delve into and, having completed a first course via LinkedIn Learning, feel very comfortable using it and look forward to discovering more of its many possible applications!
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Freelance Developer, helmerskuske
Nov 13, 2020
Made my first code contributions using the Rust programming language:
Contributed to WSL-Hello-sudo, a tool that lets you use Windows Hello (touch/face unlock) for sudo auth in Linux.
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Fullstack Developer, Let The Music Pay - RCRDSHP
Jul 09, 2018
Started Le Wagon’s coding bootcamp in Paris 🚃
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I am starting a new position at Blinkist next Month, and there I will be using Ruby, but so far I have no experience with it, I hope that the Udemy course will be enough to give me the basics of the language for the role.
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Fullstack web developer, Nexapp
Apr 13, 2013
I wrote my first line of code!

I started learning to code by following a C (yes, C of all languages) tutorial on (now It took a very long time, but I eventually got through the whole thing (16 year olds really have a lot of time on their hands don't they?)
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Senior Software Engineer I, divvyDOSE
Mar 15, 2019
Dissatisfied with all the time I spent dealing with type errors in the Groundbreaker codebase, and dissatisfied with typescript's ability to prevent them, I started learning ReasonML and Reason React on my own time.
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