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Started 1 day ago
I made a website for my school’s schedule sometime during the pandemic and I’ve been working on it still, keeping it up to date and functional. I used vuejs 3 and bootstrap 5. I’m working on a complete rewrite of the whole thing in Reactjs with on of my friends. I have much to learn about React and I’m hoping this project will help me improve my knowledge about it.
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Senior Product Designer, Ustraa
Started about 1 month ago
Building something with React...
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Associate Software Engineer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Mar 24, 2022
Started training on React, watched React: The Big Picture by Cory House. Mostly introductory, but I learned a lot about the differences between React and other popular frontend languages so it gave some perspective about why React is a useful. 
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Volunteer Office Administration, Postal Bible School
Mar 03, 2022
Although I've built things using React now, I'm reaching a plateau and hope to break it by restarting my journey to properly understand React by following Kent C. Dodds' course at
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Front End Engineer, Matchbox Design Group
Dec 28, 2021
I've started taking the ReactJS course on Codecademy during the break to broaden my skill pool and experiment with other JS frameworks. I'm used to Vue, so I find React very interesting. JSX is surprisingly intuitive and fun to use. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn!
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There's no coding to do for the hackathon yet, so I'm doing a crash course on React.
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