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Senior Frontend Engineer, Reworth
May 05, 2022
Starting today, you will be able to schedule mentorships with me 🎉🥳 where we will be able to address from React, use of frameworks with React, web development, custom learning paths and little by little I will be adding more mentorships.

If you'd like a mentorship, but have a payment method other than PayPal, feel free to send me a DM, so we can schedule 🙌
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UX Mentor, ADPList
Feb 01, 2022
Excited to join ADPList as UX Mentor! 🎉

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UX Mentor, ADPList
Data Architect & Lead Product Owner for Data & Analytics, CDL Software
Mar 14, 2022
Learning Mentor, Self-employed
Mar 04, 2022
I appreciate the time that I spent with babies right the way through to the elderly. I felt like I had seen life in both home life and educational life, in various characteristics and personalities. But through it all I gained knowledge and different perspectives that I can use today. So I am thankful!
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Podcaster, Groktopus
Feb 25, 2022
Senior FrontEnd Developer, Tendermint
Feb 17, 2022
Mentoring Program

Road to GDE

I will be mentoring a candidate with the potential to become Google Developer Expert, to guide her and make her fulfill her purpose and love the community and the content she creates.
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